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Modification, Contempt and Relocation

Compassionate Nashville Family Law Attorney Helps with Post-divorce Changes

Modification of child custody, visitation or support arrangements

Tennessee courts recognize that child custody, visitation and support arrangements may need revision from time to time. Because peoples’ lives change constantly, a post-divorce modification of rights is quite common. Thomas H. Miller, Attorney at Law works with parents and legal guardians years after a divorce is finalized to keep the custody arrangements modern and practical. A child custody, visitation or support plan may require modification for a variety of reasons. The following is a partial list of variables that may necessitate reevaluating a current child custody, visitation or support situation:

  • A change in living arrangements
  • Getting a new job or source of income
  • Relocating to a different city or state
  • Losing a job
  • A custodial parent neglecting the needs of the child

Contempt in child custody or child support

When one parent refuses to adhere to a court order defining the child custody or support requirements, the other parent may file a petition to hold that parent in contempt of court. This is a legal proceeding that requires evidence of the behavior. It is important to note that either parent may bring the other to court in a contempt proceeding. For example, the custodial mother may hold the biological father in contempt if he withholds child support payments. Also, the father may hold the custodial mother in contempt if she fails to adhere to a visitation order.


Relocation of a custodial parent, along with the child, is a common issue when the parents do not live together. It can change the visitation possibilities and the relationship between the remaining parent and the child. Instead of seeing your child every weekend, for example, a relocation may demand a new scenario where you see your child for a few weeks every couple of months, perhaps during his or her breaks from school. In Tennessee, relocation issues are addressed by statute.  If you have custody of your child and want to relocate, call me to discuss what the law requires you to do.  If you have visitation and the other parent wants to relocate with the child, call me to discuss your legal options. If you are the non-custodial parent, grandparent or other legal guardian and your child’s custodial parent is planning to move or has already moved, call my office today to discuss your legal rights.

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