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Child Support and Paternity

Trustworthy Nashville Fathers’ Rights Attorney Settles the Account on Child Support and Paternity Legitimation

Fathers’ rights in the state of Tennessee

The law in Tennessee states, “The court shall order a custody arrangement that permits both parents to enjoy the maximum participation possible in the life of the child.” If you know you are the father of a child and you want custody rights, or if you wish to establish legitimation, you need to work with the court system to establish your paternity. If you are an expecting mother, you may commence legal action holding the father financially responsible. When you come to Thomas H. Miller, Attorney at Law, you’ll find me prepared to help you through the legal process to secure your child’s future.

Child support issues and legal help in Nashville

Child support covers any ongoing payment made by one biological parent to the child’s other parent or legal guardian for the expenses of the child. If the custodial parent is delinquent in his/her responsibilities, the contributing parent may not withhold child support payments as retribution. Similarly, if the contributing parent withholds payment, a court steps in to enforce the child support regimen. The laws in Tennessee govern the amount of child support required in different situations. A judge will consider the following factors, among others, when determining the amount of child support:

  • Each parent’s ability to earn
  • Number of days child spends with each parent
  • Cost of child’s health insurance
  • Child support paid for other children

Paternity Legitimation

A mother may file a paternity action against an alleged father to require him to pay child support. Similarly, a father may assert a paternity action against a mother for custodial rights and to obtain the status of a legal parent. Once a biological father completes a petition to legitimate and undergoes DNA testing, a court approves or denies the petition. Upon approval, the father enjoys all the rights of a legal parent and has standing in court to request visitation rights or even full custody.

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